No puff eye exam and wellness screening

You can trust our staff to properly diagnose your current problem and offer guidance that is tailored to your specific needs and issues. Our eye examinations, which use the only Vision Analyzer within a 450 -mile radius, w ill ensure that we have a full understanding of the underlying problem.  We will take the time to ensure that you not only receive the best care possible, but also that you have a full understanding of the diagnosis and available treatment options.

Dr. Dunn offers the latest in vision testing including a computer that eliminates having to look through the "which is better--one or two" machine and a new device to check eye pressure with a gentle touch on your upper lid rather than the harsh puff of air directly on your eye.

If you are concerned with the effects of your general health on your eyes, Dr. Dunn offers a free wellness screening with your eye exam.  Your antioxidant level, blood sugar level, body PH, zinc level, blood pressure, and the 9 major systems in your body will be evaluate and recommendations made to balance those systems.


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