6 Part Wellness Screening

Dr. Dunn is pleased to offer 6 tests that together give a profile of the most vital factors to your general and eye health.  There is no additional fee for this testing when it is part of the complete eye exam.

The following areas are tested:

1. Antioxidant Level--a low score shows and increased risk for inflammatory conditions such as cataracts, mascular degeneration, Alzheimer's, and strokes.

2. Blood Glucose levels--A high score indicates a risk of diabetes that could lead to vision loss and/or amputations.

3. Saliva pH test --a higher score indicates an increased for allergies, candida infections, mood disorders, and some cancer.

4. Zinc test--a low score shows and mascular degeneration and low testosterone levels.

5. Blood pressure tests--a high score indicates an increased risk for heart attach and stroke,

a low score indicates a risk for falling of fainting

6. Symptoms survey is a take home survey designed to review the 9 major systems in your body.  A free

  • follow-up visit to review the findings is recommended.

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