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Guidance for a Better Life

Homeostasis means that a system or an organism has achieved balance.  Dr. Dunn

believes that when your body, mind,and senses are in balance, you have achieved

homeostasis and you can function at your highest potential.  Dr. Dunn’s

breakthrough holistic program strives to achieve homeostasis through the elimination

of physical, mental, and environmental toxins.


The first step is to know your body.


Two surveys will pinpoint areas of imbalance in your body that are creating any symptoms

that you might have.  Measuring your physical characteristics including your blood

type will determine foods to eat and foods to avoid, the best foods for weight loss or

weight gain,  the type of exercises that are best suited to you, and any clinically proven

nutritional supplements that your body might need to balance and heal itself.


The second step is to know your mind.


Science tells us that your body is composed of unique parts that are linked together

by chemicals made by the individual cells of your body.  Your subconscious mind

directs the production and release of many of these chemicals.  When you can

direct or at least control your subconscious mind, you move towards homeostasis

and a better life.  Two surveys will pinpoint the circumstances in your environment

that are toxic to your mind.  Then you will be taught 2 powerful procedures for calming

and directing your mind to reduce and/or eliminate mental toxins.

The third step is to know your five senses.


All of the senses of your body send information throughout your brain which causes

different types of chemicals and hormones to be released.  These chemicals affect

the organs of your body.  An example of this might be the smell of gasoline

bringing back the memory of a car accident that you were in. This could cause your

body to release the same chemicals that it did at the time of the accident and this

would raise your blood pressure and throw off your blood sugar.  Our sense of

sight, hearing, smell, tough, and taste can input toxic stimulation or balancing stimulation. 

You will be taught to identify toxic input and how to replace it with balancing input. 


The final step is to complete your New Life Document.


Your New Life Document consists of the procedures that you have chosen to add to

your life to reach homeostasis.  This is a living document and is meant to be updated

as often as you wish.  It represents a contract that you have made with yourself

that makes you victorious in life rather than a victim of life. 


For detailed information on this program, contact Dr. Dunn.

([email protected])


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