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Lubbock Optometrist | Lubbock Cataracts | TX | Family Vision Center |

One of the most common, debilitating eye problems is cataracts. As we age, the lenses of our eyes begin to cloud. Located behind the iris and the pupil, the lens is extremely vital to our ability to see. Because our natural lenses function like the lens of a camera, they are responsible for focusing light on the retina and adjusting focus when we are using our vision to see from near to far. The clouding of this lens occurs when the protein of the lens begins to clump together to form small clouds throughout the lens. These clouds or cataracts cause vision to be blurred and impaired to varying degrees.

In addition to the clouding that you may see if you have a cataract, other symptoms include having difficulty driving at night due to an increased glare from lights. Also indoor lighting may seem excessively dull and it may project a glare. Once symptoms occur there are a variety of treatment options, depending on the type of cataract and its stage. These treatments include glasses, bifocals, magnification, visual aids, eye and oral medications, and finally surgery. If you have cataracts or are experiencing any symptoms that concern you, contact Dr. Dunn to see if you are a candidate for the new homeopathic remedies could slow down and/or reverse your cataracts.

Lubbock Optometrist Family Vision Center is a certified Optometrist specializing in Cataracts, Cataracts, Glaucoma, eyecare, lasik and much more in Lubbock, TX. We also do Home and all work related in the 79423 area and surrounding areas in Lubbock