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Bifocal Glasses or Contact Lenses

Michael J. Dunn, O.D.
Family Vision Center
Special Needs Clinic
2704 82nd Street
Lubbock, Texas 79423
Phone (806) 745-2222

                                    Bifocal Glasses or Contact lenses?

     When people first started wearing contact lenses in the late 1940's there were no bifocal

contact lenses. If you wanted to switch from bifocal glasses to contact lenses you had two

choices,   you could wear standard contact lenses for your best distance vision and put reading

glasses over them for close work or you could wear standard contact lenses using the

monovision system.

     With the monovision system of contact lenses, the power of one of the lenses is set to

give you your best distance vision and the other contact lens power is adjusted to act like

monocle glasses to give you best near vision.. This system works well for about 70% of adults.

     The third option now available is bifocal contact. This option give clear distance vision

and near vision at most heights and distances.

     So, are bifocal glasses or contact lens better for you? Dr. Dunn makes recommenda-

tions for glasses or contact lenses based on how you use your eyes (Example-Reading,

computers, house work). However, until you actually use the lenses in your day to

day activities, you will not know which system is best for you.  Because of this, Dr. Dunn

will do a free trial contact lens fitting with you, just ask him or one of his assistance for

more information or for an appointment for a free contact lens trial fitting.

Lubbock Optometrist Family Vision Center is a certified Optometrist specializing in Bifocal Glasses or Contact Lenses, Cataracts, Glaucoma, eyecare, lasik and much more in Lubbock, TX. We also do Home and all work related in the 79423 area and surrounding areas in Lubbock