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Computer Stress Syndrome


Computer Syndrome Symptoms (C.S.S.)

Three main causes of C.S.S.

    1. Inefficient vision skills

    2. Incorrect work place conditions

            a. Incorrect lighting

            b. Screen glare           

             c. Inability to adjust work environment  to suite your personal needs

                1. Incorrect VDT height               

                2. Incorrect chair (desk) height for keyboard (arms parallel to floor)

                3. Target copy and screen not at same work distance

                4. Target copy too small or blurred

    3. Incorrect work habits

                   a. Too few breaks
                   b. No lenses for focusing
                   c. Unaware of cause of symptoms

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Computer Syndrome Symptoms (C.S.S.) Home Test

Inefficient vision skills screening test
    Dislikes work___
    Dislikes computer work___
    Short attention span___
    Eyes feel too dry, too wet, and/or burn___
    Trouble finishing computer work on time___
    Difficulty copying information into the computer___
    Headache ___
    Letters on copy and/or on monitor become blurred___
    Distance vision is blurred___
    Double vision occurs___
    Difficult to understand and follow written instructions___

Incorrect work place conditions
    Neck, shoulder, or wrist pain___
    Eyes feel too dry, too wet, and/or burn___
    Glare on monitor___
    Monitor blurred___

Incorrect work habits
    Only take breaks when work is completed___
    Do not use any occupational lenses when at computer___        


Summary of ways to reduce C.S.S.

    Use C.S.S.  test at your work place for you and your staff and make adjustments when possible. 

See an optometrist like Dr. Dunn, who has studied C.S.S. and is willing to work with patients who

demonstrate C.S.S.

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